Our Shop Posted on 13 Jan 06:24

We work hard to look for good bargains to pass on to you.  The need of lower cost items in our life is more than every has been before.  I have been a bargain shopper since I was a child because my mother taught use that they always put things on sale and how to get more for our money.  Our shop has new and used things as well as many of my wonderful friends that are crafty make handmade items.  We have homemade candles called Redneck Candles, Handmade Scarfs, and Handmade crochet items.  Michelle which makes the crochet items can make just about anything you can see on Pinterest that is crocheted.  We also carry Candy and other Bouquets for every occasion.  We have some on hand and love custom orders, so order yours today for that special someone.  We take debit and credit cards at our store and if you can come to the store we will be glad to pack it up and ship to you.  Hope that you find items you are looking for and you never know when you will uncover a treasure in our shop.